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Tax Preparation Kansas City


Outsource your accounting needs to get back your time spent on tasks you don’t enjoy and takes you away from what you love to do. RDM will reconcile all checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and payables and receivables. We will manage new fixed assets purchased, depreciation, sales and disposal of fixed assets, and reporting of fixed assets.


Payroll management through individual employee portals, giving your employees the ability to change or add new withholdings from their paycheck. The employee can view and download paychecks and W-2’s. Direct deposit and paper checks are available to each employee. RDM will report and pay withholding taxes to each reporting agency, monthly, quarterly, and yearly based on your requirements.

Tasks that we will perform are:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Management

  • Financial Reporting


RDM will manage your Accounts Payable and Receivables. When a statement or bill is received, it is upload and added to your bill pay program. Before bills are paid, notification is send to our client and approval is required, unless other permissions are discussed. We will manage email or mail invoices to your clients after a job has been performed. We will manage the invoice from the time it sent to the client until payment is received. RDM will also collect on past due invoices and work with your clients on payment arrangements.


RDM will monitor and report your company’s financials to the management team, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly. Through Financial Planning, we are able to immediately report changes and trends in your company. Allowing you the ability to make adjustments within your company, to assure success and growth. Through Financial Forecasting & Budgeting, we will help you prepare for changes within your company and market changes that affect your revenues, cash flow, and expenses. Analysing budgets on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, will help you prepare for the future.